3 Reasons I love Spring Sessions!

Everyone loves to take family photos at the holidays, and I totally get it! You want a fun picture to send out to family and friends on your Christmas cards. You get to wear cozy scarves, snuggle up with your family on a cozy blanket amongst evergreens, and wear lots of plaid. Lots and lots of plaid. I love it too, trust me! But I am here to argue that Spring is in fact, the BEST time for a family session and I've got 3 reasons why!


1. THE WEATHER - It's not hotter than the surface of the sun outside!! Or colder than Antartica... exaggerations, I know, but Spring is the perfect time to take family photos outdoors because the weather is GORGEOUS! Hello 70 degrees and sunny with a chance of beautiful family photos! 


2. NEW LIFE - Everything is in bloom! Sorry allergy sufferers, I will edit out your red watery eyes in post. Kidding! (sort of). The world is waking from its Winter hibernation and it is beautiful! Flowers are blooming, trees are growing new leaves, and the world is aglow. All this new life makes for some pretty spectacular scenery for your family session! 


3. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS - Hear me out! I also HATE "spring forward", but that means the days are getting longer and that equals more opportunities to get in that glow-y 'golden hour' goodness. In the Winter the sun was setting at 4:30 (!!) and that doesn't leave a lot of time for photos, but we are headed into summer and the days just keep getting longer in the Spring!


There you have it, 3 of many reasons I love Spring family sessions! So grab a sweet bouquet of flowers and get outside! Spring Sessions are booking now! Request your 2018 Pricing Guide to customize a session that fits for your family and let's go play :)