Can we chat about homeschooling?


I don't even know where to start. It's this nagging thought in the back of my head. Homeschooling. I grew up in the generation that viewed homeschool kids as "weird" or "other". To quote the beginning of Mean Girls (my favorite movie) "Homeschooled kids are freaks". But they're not. As an adult, some of the most polished, well-rounded, ambitious, and self-reliant people I know were homeschooled. Obviously that's not to say that publicly or privately educated adults do not posses any of those qualities, it's just a reoccurring theme I've noticed. Sure, there is a stigma of social awkwardness with peers, some homeschool kids are 'sheltered'. But today there are so many resources and options for parents who choose to homeschool. It makes the task seem (slightly) less daunting.


Now.. let's also discuss the elephant in the room. It's unfortunate that a large driving force of this decision is violence in schools and our governments inability to protect our children, be it from guns themselves or our misogynistic culture. I am not a fool. I can not protect my children from everything in the 'real world', but the stressful environment from the threat of violence alone, is enough for me to keep them home. Stress is also a killer, and no child needs to feel unsafe in a learning environment. At home, my kids will feel safe and free to focus on learning rather than on active shooter drills. 


The other driving force in my decision? Flexibility. Freedom. School on our time. Learning together as a family. Running with a passion! Extracurricular activities! Getting to teach music and art! The public school system has changed so much since I was in elementary school, and I don't necessarily love the direction it's headed in. I know there are excellent teachers out there, excellent schools, excellent programs that my children would possibly excel in, and I know that if homeschooling isn't working for us that public school is there for them. However, I tend to be a little artsy fartsy, go against the grain, question 'the man' and whatnot, so we will be giving this homeschool thing a shot. I might be good at it, we might be good at it....or we might decide it's not the right fit. My gut says to go for it.


So. Were you homeschooled? Do you homeschool? The girls are 3, and this month I will be working on creating a preschool curriculum that I can implement this fall. (with the help of Pinterest mostly) I consider myself a 'hot mess' mom so I will probably need a lot of prayer and grace on this journey. Now...where do I start?


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